I’ve loved teaching writing since I began in 2007. I offer both creative writing and literature classes at UC Berkeley Extension and The San Francisco Writers Grotto. My courses include:

Here are testimonials from recent writing students:

“Laurie has an understated brilliance in teaching writing. She was able to quickly zero in on what I was trying to do and her instruction was absolutely instrumental in helping me construct my first published short story. I’d study with her anywhere, anytime.”  — Thomas Nowaczyk, “The Craft of Writing” class

“Laurie is both passionate and thorough when it comes to teaching. Her love of the written word is obvious and reflected in the classroom. I greatly appreciate her down-to-earth personality and approach—it put me at ease.” — Howard Zalkin, “Intermediate Fiction Writing”

“Ms. Doyle helped me find my voice and become a writer when I did not think that was possible.” — Jennifer Lee,  “Learning From the Masters: Techniques of the Literary Greats” 

“Amazing! I’d take a bullet for her.” —Molly Pushing, “The Craft of Writing”